Cakes from Estelle
Cakes from Estelle

Mini Cakes

The idea behind our mini cakes is small tasty treats in various flavours to be enjoyed just as one would french macarons or mini whoopie pies in various flavours. We wanted to do something very different from what was on offer and we've come up with these. These are moist and enjoyed on their own without the fuss of frosting.

Mini Cakes start from £20.50 - £22.50 for a minimum order of 12 Mini Cakes.


Mini Cake Gallery

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Citrus Delight - Citrus Sponge with Citrus Pieces (Organic Oranges and Lemons). Contains Nuts.


Cacao Red - Red Sponge with chopped Organic Cacao Nibs. (Contains Nuts)


Pistachio -  Ground Pistachio Sponge with Toasted Chopped Pistachios.

Delightful cakes made from scratch the old-fashioned way ...

All that goodness ...

Smooth buttercream ...

Soft moist cake ...

and that topping!

You can taste the quality in our cakes.

Simply Scrumptious!